Located in Santa Clarita,CA Southern California Academy (S.C.A) is an all-inclusive program for grades 6th - 12th with a mission that prepares students for success in their education, sport, and life. We provide students with sport specific skills training, athletic performance enhancement, and a quality accredited education that brings a wide range of college opportunities.

Is to become the complete one stop shop for student-athletes who have aspirations to play D1 and or professionally in their sport. We want to accomplish this by creating a foundation through the sport of basketball before we go into other avenues in athletics. Our staff instills the importance of excellence in everything we do for our students. We lead by example, in which we believe will spill into the minds of our student-athletes, creating a culture of excellence. With a 3.0 GPA minimum requirement for students to participate in S.C.A athletics, we put our students in the best possible position for college recruitment and scholarship opportunities.

Skills and Development Training

Through our basketball program we are able to teach our students skills that playout both in life and on the basketball court. These athletes build speed, agility, balance and strength that reduce the risk of injury when actively playing sports.

Pay It Forward

Southern California Academy teaches students the value of giving back to their community. We show them positive effect that our donors have on their life and how they can also help share that effect with others around them. At S.C.A we believe that the students will carry these life lessons with them forever and that it will help mold them into strong, intelligent, athletic and caring individuals.

S.C.A Curriculum

S.C.A is an academy geared toward training students mentally, spiritually, and physically. Where else in Southern California can you find an intense academic program with integrity, that also has just as intense next level training? S.C.A has brilliantly combined academics and sports, for a quality education, with built in life lessons for students to grow in the classroom, and on the field of play!
John BentleyJohn Bentley
Johnny was young so he reclassified in 8th grade. This type of program gave him the opportunity to develop his basketball skills and athleticism while competing with other solid players every day. In addition, it had an educational component that allowed him to stay sharp academically so he could maintain his lead as well. He became much more skilled, confident and aggressive through the one year program.
Maxie JuzangMaxie Juzang
As a parent of a highly committed student athlete, I believe that the choice of which trainers / mentors to surround your child with is critical to their success.  Whether it is his attention to detail, the ability to communicate at the right level to effectively teach (on and off the court), or his overall subject matter expertise, we were fortunate enough to have had Travis (and TNT/SCA) partner up with us during our continued basketball journey to achieve Ben's goals and aspirations.  So when I heard about SCA partnering up with Ileads to provide in-class academic instruction with their unique basketball training curriculum, it became apparent that Travis is applying his recipe for success in working with student athletes to a more holistic educational level.  In short, I expect SCA to become a model of high level academics with elite level basketball instruction that is reasonably affordable while providing parents the much needed flexibility.

So thank you for being such important part of Ben's success and continue impacting other serious student athletes by providing a very good more modern alternative to traditional schooling and high level basketball training.

God bless!
Nir Shtolzberg Nir Shtolzberg

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